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Other Asbestos Products

The amount of products that contain Asbestos is frightening. There has been many publications released over the years to bring more awareness to asbestos. Publications from major news broadcasters such as the BBC through to government bodies and newspapers.Thankfully, the ban for these products came in 1999. Although we are still challenged with identifying old products still in use today.

Household Items Containing Asbestos

Because Asbestos is fire resistant and offers good insulation properties it was put into thousands of materials/products. On the positive side, most of the above items have most likely been replaced with newer models. However, should you still have any of these items and be unsure whether they contain Asbestos. We recommend contacting the supplier. Otherwise we are happy to help!

Loose Asbestos Insulation

Loose Asbestos Insulation known to be the most dangerous forms of Asbestos. Manufactured from 100% loose Asbestos fibres this product is deadly. Given that its loose, any minor disturbance to this substance will release fibres into the air. It has a candy floss like appearance and tends to be either blue or white dependant on the type of asbestos. Furthermore, it is mainly used in floors and ceiling voids for its insulation properties. Absolutely no attempt should be made to remove this product without consulting an expert.

Loose Asbestos Insulation. 100% Asbestos And Extremely Dangerous