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Asbestos Sprayed Coatings

What Is Asbestos Sprayed Coatings?

Asbestos-sprayed coatings are one of the most dangerous materials containing up to 80% asbestos. Compared to other types of asbestos, it breaks up very easily. If the sprayed coating is disturbed (even slightly). Very large amounts of asbestos fibres are released into the air where they can be breathed in.

Where Do You Find Asbestos Sprayed Coatings?

You tend to find sprayed coatings used as insulation on the underside of roofs. As well as on the side of buildings and warehouses. Also used on steel, reinforced concrete beams/columns and even on the underside of floors.

Main types of Asbestos In Sprayed Coatings

Sprayed Coatings, also known as limpet or flock, comprise the 3 main types of asbestos Amosite, Chrysotile, and Crocidolite. Similarly to other Asbestos products, limpet was used in the 1950s and slowly phased out by the late 1970s.

The Hidden Hazard of Asbestos Sprayed Coatings In Buildings Across The UK

Asbestos-sprayed coatings, once a popular choice for fire protection and insulation in buildings, including schools and homes, pose a significant health risk due to their high asbestos content and friability. Found on concrete walls, ceilings, and steelwork, and as mentioned above –  These coatings can contain up to 80% asbestos! Making them one of the most dangerous forms of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs).

Understanding Asbestos Sprayed Coatings

Sprayed coatings were mixed with paint or water and applied to various surfaces for insulation and fire protection. However, their ease of damage by impact or water makes them particularly hazardous. The National Education Union highlights the widespread use of asbestos in constructing public buildings, including schools, with sprayed coatings being a common application.

The Dangers of Disturbance

The danger of asbestos-sprayed coatings lies in their potential to release fine, inhalable fibres when disturbed. These fibres can lead to severe health issues, including asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma—an incurable cancer of the lung or stomach lining. Given their high asbestos content, these coatings must always be removed by a licensed contractor, emphasising the need for professional handling.

Licensed vs. Non-Licensed Removal

The removal of asbestos-sprayed coatings falls under licensed work due to the high risk of fibre release. This contrasts with some other asbestos-related tasks that might be considered non-licensed. The distinction underscores the importance of hiring experienced professionals to safely manage and remove these hazardous materials.

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