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Artex Asbestos

‘Artex’, is a given name to Artex LTD used for building materials. It was first introduced back in 1935 as a textured coating for interior decorating. Eventually obtaining the name Artex Asbestos.

Does Artex Contain Asbestos?

Artex contained white asbestos until the mid-1980s as a result of being resistant to fire or heat. As well as, mixing it with cement or woven into fabric and/or other products. These desirable properties made asbestos widely used. Eventually, discovered to be damaging to health and introducing the process of Artex removal.

Artex Asbestos Commonly Found On Ceilings

Designed as a material intended to receive a textured coating finish. Allowing ceilings (or walls) to be finished without the need of plastering skills. Mainly finished with the familiar swirled and stippled patterns.

Therefore, ceilings are the most common location to find textured coatings. Furthermore, It is best practice to categorise all properties built pre 2000 as containing Asbestos.

Artex Asbestos Removal

It becomes extremely hazardous to anyone who disturbs or damages the substance. Therefore, its best practice to either remove or encapsulate it! Furthermore, once its disturbed the minuscule asbestos fibres become airborne. Inhaling the fibres can turn into a serious long-term illness. Causing life threatening diseases/cancers known as Asbestosis, Pleural Mesothelioma or Peritoneal Mesothelioma.

Artex Asbestos Removal Cost

Artex Removal Costs a lot less than expected. However, before paying for the Artex to be removed or encapsulated. The first step is to have the Asbestos tested/sampled.

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