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Asbestos Cement

Asbestos cement is primarily a cement based product with chrysotile (white asbestos) fibres compressed into it for reinforcement. Due to the imitation of the more expensive products, such as shingles, brick, or slate. The product was widely used and marketed as an affordable alternative.

Given that Asbestos is such a dangerous product it is highly recommended to seek professional advice when dealing with any type. Working with it can be somewhat safe.However, dropping the cement or if it begins to break up (releasing fibres). You are putting yourself at serious risk to harmful diseases.

Below is some of the common products containing the asbestos.

Asbestos Cement Flues

Asbestos cement flues pose little risk like other cement products if they are in good condition. Encapsulating or flue removal may be necessary depending on the condition of it. On the other hand, should you have a flue that has taken significant damage, it may be worth testing for asbestos and having it removed.

Abee Asbestos cement flue replacement completed

Asbestos Cement Roofs

Asbestos cement roofs are another type of cement based product widely used throughout the UK. Commonly found on garage or shed roofs as cement sheets. They pose little risk and can be left as they are if they are in good condition and not damaged.

Although they’re little risk. In the event that the roofs are cleaned or abrasive work is carried out, the risk can change dramatically. Breathing In asbestos fibres that are airborne.