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Asbestos Surveys

With over two decades of working with this deadly fibre; it’s ours and our partners mission to keep customers safe.

Despite popular belief, detecting asbestos does not always spell danger (although some companies will tell you it does) sometimes it’s much safer to leave it be. Which reduces both the costs and potential fines. 

Other Types Of Surveys We Cover

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There are many types of asbestos and we advise seeking expert advice when handling any. Abee Asbestos and our partners all operate with full insurance and qualifications under P405 management of asbestos. As well as working to strict guidelines of the Asbestos Control Abatement Division (ACAD). Whom ensure all asbestos is handled with safety in mind and restoring buildings to a hazard free zone.

we keep costs to a minimum while using our experience to ensure your safety as well as complying with UK regulation.

Our asbestos reports have your safety as our priority, yet we also aim to offer the most cost effective way of making your property asbestos free. Likewise, we will not recommend unnecessary work to prolong the time we spend or to charge extra money. As we understand that asbestos is an inconvenience in itself. Few people expect to find asbestos, the discovery usually produces unexpected costs, that’s why we’re unique. 

We don’t need to tell you the dangers of asbestos or point out the fines you can incur if the fibres are let loose into the air, yet we can tell you how to deal with it effectively and affordably. Contact us now for an asbestos survey report whether you’re planning a demolition, renovating a home or simply suspect asbestos in your premises. We treat every case as urgent and will aim to visit you on site as quick as we possibly can.

Asbestos Report Regulations

Asbestos fibres are airborne, therefore if disturbed they can create a huge hazard to yourself and the public. If this happens, your business could be fined for millions of pounds. The Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2006 (Regulation 4) places a legal duty on anyone with responsibility for the maintenance and repair of non-domestic premises and common areas of rented domestic premises to:

Asbestos Surveys In London, Kent, And Essex

Whether you are based in London, Kent, Essex or the South East. Abee can provide you an Asbestos report with an extremely quick turn around.

Our teams of asbestos surveyors are always at the ready. They will simply hop into one of our smart cars and be onsite in no time!

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